Are You Up for a CHALLENGE?

Are You Up for a CHALLENGE?



It's that time of year again!  Sign up now for the best off-season shooting challenge and watch your shot get better, faster, stronger, and more accurate -- just in time for your season to begin.  


This is our eighth annual Challenge and we are ready to mix it up!  Why? Because there's a pandemic...and why not?  Since most Challengers won't be back on the ice for awhile, the off-season has begun earlier and is more important than ever. We are planning to mix in rollerblading and more stickhandling drills.  Make sure you're ready to participate!


Sign up via email:


Make sure you have:

1. A net or something to shoot at (preferably not your garage doors!)

2. Targets or shooter tutor

3. Shooting board (simulates ice and is kinder to your stick)

4. Pucks (have at least 20 to keep this fun)


Eventually, having rollerblades and some obstacles to stickhandle around - like cones or Sweet Hands - will be helpful.  


Think you are up for the Challenge? Great!  Sign up today...and remember: there's a prize for everyone who finishes the 5000 Shot Challenge and chances to win Sniper of the Week along the way. This year's Challenge is June 6-August 29, 2020.

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