Brian Pinho

Brian Pinho

Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m from North Andover, MA.

Q: What team did/do you play for?
A: I’m in the Washington Capitals organization, I have played for both the Capitals as well as their AHL team, the Hershey Bears.

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I play professional hockey in the Washington Capitals organization.

Q: Did you have to overcome any large obstacles or challenges to achieve your current career? Any advice for achieving your goals?
A: My advice for people who are trying to achieve their life goals is to give your best effort everyday to achieve your dreams, as well as enjoying the process of fulfilling those dreams. Sometimes it can be a long process for someone to achieve their goals, but if they have a strong attitude and enjoy what you’re doing, it will make it more enjoyable once you finally fulfill that dream.

Q: Did you attend a University or College?
A: I went to Providence College.

Q: What was your major?
A: I received my undergrad from Providence College with a Finance degree. Finance has always been an interesting subject for me, my old brother and dad are both in the finance industry so that helped steer my decision to study finance.

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you have taken from your athletic career that translates into everyday life?
A: The biggest lesson I've learned during my athletic career is to always bring a positive attitude to the rink and be friendly and encouraging to your teammates, because the teammates I've met during my career have turned out to become some of my best friends.

Q: Why did you choose to play hockey?
A: For me, the best part of my hockey career has been the people I have met through the process. I have met lifelong friends who share the same love of hockey as I do.

Q: Do you have any hockey career highlights, accomplishments, or favorite memories?
A: My favorite hockey memories are, winning the Clark Cup with the Indiana Ice in 2014, winning the NCAA Championship at Providence College in 2015, and playing in my first NHL game.

Q: What’s your connection with TSR?
A: I have had a close relationship with the TSR staff for many years, the best part about TSR are the employees who work there! It’s a store filled with great people who are willing to help customers with any of their wants and needs.

Q: Any advice for younger athletes?
A: My advice for younger athletes is to enjoy the process. Hockey is the best sport in the world and you should enjoy spending time with your friends every time you step into the rink.