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New for 2020!!

Bauer’s new NEXUS ADV hockey stick is now available for web purchases. The NEXUS ADV is filled with cutting edge technologies that have never been seen in a hockey stick before. This is a truly one of a kind hockey stick designed for the elite level player.

This is the third installment of Bauer’s Advanced Series of stick, starting with the Vapor, the Supreme and now the Nexus model. While the first two ADV’s were dynamic in their own right, the Nexus ADV has brought something to the market that has honestly never been seen before.

That, of course, would be Bauer’s Sling Blade technology, which has generated a lot of buzz and rightfully so. This revolutionary technology has created an unmatched shooting experience that makes the puck jump off the blade. By putting a hole in the blade, Bauer has engineered the blade with two different stiffnesses. The top of the blade is ultra-stiff, creating a spine for the blade that will better release energy when shooting. The bottom of the blade is slightly more flexible allowing it to cup the puck and then “sling” it forward.

In addition, SlingTech is going to give you never experienced before acceleration when shooting and increased control of the puck when catching passes and stickhandling. The inside of the hole and outer parts of the blade have been reinforced and this blade is on par with all of the ADV blades in terms of durability.

When it comes to tapping this new blade, don’t worry. However, you have tapped a stick your whole life is exactly how you should tape this one, too. No tape job is going to hinder the SlingTech’s performance. As we transition from the blade up the shaft, more new technologies have been introduced. First up is the ER Spine. This is going to improve the energy transfer from the handle, down the shaft and into the blade, while also making the stick lighter.

Similar to all of the previous NEXUS sticks, the ADV is a Mid Kick stick. This means that the shaft is slightly more flexible in both the hosel area and the handle, while the middle of the shaft is stiffer. What makes the ADV different is a five-sided geometry that allowed Bauer to take out excess carbon fiber to create a spine in the shaft. Through this spine, energy is more easily transferred, making for effortless loading and a top-notch release.

Another benefit to the ER Spine is the way it is going to feel in your hands. It’s going to better contour to your grip, which should give you extra confidence when puck handling.

Weighing in at 365 grams, the ADV is the lightest NEXUS stick to date. The reason for this is thanks to Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) that was first seen on the Vapor ADV. ACL works by using stronger, thinner internal carbon fiber layers, increasing the strength of the stick without adding unwanted weight.

All in all, regardless if you are an elite-level player or not, if you are looking for the most dynamic, cutting edge stick on the market, look no further than the Bauer NEXUS ADV. But hurry, supplies are limited and when they are gone, they are gone for good.

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