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We are one of the only New England retailers to have 3D foot scanners from all three skate vendors: Bauer, CCM, and True.  And, while custom skates may be the perfect fit you're looking for, the foot scanners are also used as a SKATE RECOMMENDER.  What does that mean?  It means that after the scanner analyzes your foot, it will then recommend the skate family that's best for your foot shape.  You may think you're a JetSpeed when you've been a SuperTacks all along!

If custom skates are what your perfect fit is, then you've come to the right place! Many hockey players are learning that custom-fitted skates are no longer just for the pros. At TSR, we have the technology and the know-how to make sure your skates are fit to YOU. Make "CUSTOM" your fit with 3D scanner technology from Bauer, CCM, and True Hockey. Now you can see them ALL in action in one place: TSR SALEM!



Vapor 1X, $1099.99, Sizes 3-12

Supreme 2S Pro, $1099.99, Sizes 3-12

Nexus 2N Pro, $1099.99, Sizes 6-12


Super Tacks AS1, $1149.99, Sizes 5-13

JetSpeed FT1, $1149.99, Sizes 5-13

Ribcor 70k, $999.99, Sizes 4-15

Super Tacks AS1 Goal, $979.99, Sizes 6-13



Super Tacks AS1 3D Mold – Sr. $949.99/Jr. $679.99

Super Tacks AS1 Goal 3D Mold -Sr $779.99


By Scott Van Horne

Pro Custom Player Starting At Sr. $949.99/Jr. $749.99

Pro Custom Goalie 1-Piece Starting At – Sr. $949.99

Pro Custom Goalie 2-Piece Starting At – Sr. $799.99/Jr. $599.99