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DAVE BOUCHER and BRENDAN SHEEHY, JR., are two guys who happened to meet through their work in the hockey industry. For nine (9) years, Dave worked as the repair center manager at Bauer Hockey.  He would send repairs to Brendan, who after college went to work at a small hockey shop in Massachusetts and who happened to be quite proficient on a sewing machine, for repair work for Bauer. As fate rould have it, an opportunity came about at a perfect time for both Dave and Brendan to pool their talents and open their very own hockey shop.  Thus, in 1999, TSR Hockey was born. Today, aside from our flagship location and our Team warehouse, both located in Salem, New Hampshire, TSR has seven (7) locations in the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire.


SUSAN FRAZIER, Business Manager, is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Business School and brings thirty (30) years of experience to the business office at TSR Hockey.  She is responsible for all TSR accounting functions, and also manages the extensive computer network and systems that connect all the TSR stores.  Susan provides support to Brendan and Dave with TSR Team, purchasing functions, inventory control, and personnel management.  She also brings hockey knowledge to the organization from her many years as a hockey mom and through her volunteer efforts as a former treasurer of Salem Saints Youth Hockey.






When it comes to making your gear look and function like new, no one has the skills or equipment to do it better than TSR.  We can replace or fix toe caps, holders, rivets, eyelets, tongues, tendon guards, steel, blockers, goalie pads, and even gloves.  We also offer skate length stretching (up to one full size for different sized feet or to get your kids through a bit more of their season!) and skate width stretching. Email us at repairs@tsrhockey.com with questions!



When you buy something from a factory it may not always fit quite right.  TSR has the ability to not only repair equipment, but can also customize it.

Heel lifts
Punching allows you to reshape the boot to fit ankles, toes, arches, bunions, etc. to avoid any pressure points or areas that can cause blisters/irritation
Foam inserts to the heel
Holder mountings can be aligned for feet that pronate or supinate
Tongue replacementfor fashion or fit
Blade alignmentis crucial to putting your center of gravity over the blade to give the skater quick, efficient control of both inside and outside edges
Skate stretching for either length or width
Cuff shortening


See STORE LOCATIONS for all of our store locations, phone numbers, and directions.