Peter Catalano

Peter Catalano

Q: Where are you from?
A: Born, raised, and reside in Atkinson, NH.

Q: What team did you play for?
A: Valley Junior Warriors, Central Catholic High School, Merrimack College, and Norwich University.

Q: What do you do for a living and what’s your favorite part about your job?
A: CCM hockey sales rep – the people I work for. The friendships. The freedom. The travel. The road. Meeting new people, working with new people, and watching them and their business thrive in the retail business we work in! I love seeing my dealers do better!

Q: Did you have to overcome any large obstacles or challenges to achieve your current career? Any advice for achieving your goals?
A: No – I had to learn the business from the people I worked for and looked up to along the way. I had to listen more, talk less….now I can talk! But I find in life there is more to what you think you know. I was told a long time ago from someone that, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” and that has made me realize that there is a lot to learn. I didn’t know what knowledge I am missing in life. And that comes with time! As far as achieving goals? Aim high, but start low! Celebrate each step and fight for the next one!

Q: Did you attend a University or College?
A: Norwich University, in 2003.

Q: What was your major?
A: Business Major, Marketing minor.

Q: Why did you choose to play hockey, and how did you get involved with the sport?
A: Father put me on skates when I was 4. He didn’t want me to play football! Lol. Been in love ever since. My life revolves around the sport! Each job I have ever worked for has been around hockey. I worked part time as a rink attendant in my younger years and today. Worked until 2019 as an official/referee at the Junior level and moved up to D1 level for Hockey East and Atlantic Hockey, as well as the D3 circuit. Many hours in rinks and hockey shops!

Q: Do you still play?
A: Yes – 4 years of college was to prepare me for the 40 years of Men's league… God willing!

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you have taken from your athletic career that translates into everyday life?
A: Being a part of a team. Being part of a family. You can’t do it all yourself in life. We need to learn from others and see how to achieve team goals first. Everyone has to pull the rope in the same direction! Only way to succeed! At the end of the day, we all need someone to lean on!

Q: Why do you enjoy playing hockey?
A: The competition. The speed of play. The atmosphere. I’ve always been a competitive guy and I like to compete with others. The hockey family is unlike other sports. I truly believe that. The bond of a hockey team last forever.

Q: Do you have any hockey career highlights, accomplishments, or favorite memories?
A: Each step in my hockey career was a highlight. Good teams and bad teams. Good stats and bad stats. It's what builds a person's character. Winning the National Championship at Norwich in 2003 was the icing on the cake of a competitive hockey career! It was a good way to end it! And lead to the next chapter!

Q: What’s your connection with TSR? Any memories with Brendan?
A: My first Job was working alongside Brendan at the Valley Forum Pro Shop back in 1996. Through my High School years, we became best friends along the way. I was fortunate to be asked to be a groomsman in his wedding to his lovely wife, Liane! (we all know he outkicked his coverage on that one). Became the Pro Shop manager at TSR from 2005-2009. He helped me learn the business and land the job I have today! And now I am his Rep for CCM Hockey!

Q: Any advice for younger athletes or those who want to start playing hockey?
A: Do what you love! Not what people want you to love. Be you. work hard. Set goals. Chip away at them. And the rest will fall into place. You will only go as far as you want to go! But the more work you put in, the greater the results! If you're not having fun than you’re not doing the right thing!