Joey Daccord

Joey Daccord

Q: Where are you from?
A: North Andover, Massachusetts.

Q: What team do you play for and what position do you play?
A: I play for the Seattle Kraken and Charlotte Checkers. I am a goalie.

Q: What's your favorite part about your job?
A: Getting to the rink every day and being with my teammates!

Q: Any advice for achieving your goals?
A: Stick with it and be present. When I was younger, I saw all of these other kids around me talking with colleges and committing to schools and I got so caught up in the craziness of it all. The same can be said for prep school or competitive selects hockey. If you just focus on having fun and playing your best where you are, the rest will take care of itself!

Q: Did you attend a University or College?
A: I went to Arizona State University.

Q: What was your major and why did you choose this field?
A: I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Sports Business. I chose this because I wanted to get a degree in business and I love sports so I thought it was the perfect combination for me.

Q: Why did you choose to play hockey?
A: My parents brought me to the rink when I was only a few days old, and my Dad played at the collegiate and professional level. He also has owned the goalie coaching company Stop It Goaltending for over 20 years, so I think it was just in my blood from the beginning!

Q: Why did you want to be a goalie?
A: My dad was a goalie too, so I naturally gravitated to the position. I definitely enjoyed both scoring goals and stopping them, but ultimately I ended up choosing goalie full time around 13 years old.

Q: How does it feel to be on the inaugural Kraken team?
A: It has been super cool to be a part of the new NHL organization in Seattle. The hype around the new team was palpable in Seattle and they love the team already. I went through a similar experience at ASU, starting the new D1 program so that really helped me understand what to expect going into the new team situation. The city and fans have been amazing and the organization is first class.

Q: Is there a specific player you're looking forward to blocking a shot from?
A: Not in particular, but some of the coolest players I’ve played against were McDavid, Draisaitl, Matthews, Gaudreau, Carey Price and Crosby. Being out there against those guys is an incredible and unique feeling. But then I have to focus up because I can’t let them score!

Q: What's the biggest lesson you have taken from hockey that translates into everyday life?
A: Enjoy the wins! There are so many ups and downs in hockey and in life. I think it’s extremely important to enjoy the wins. Even if it’s a little win, it’s incredible how much that can help you gain momentum in whatever goal you are trying to achieve.

Q: Do you have any hockey career highlights, accomplishments, or favorite memories?
A: Some of my favorite memories include making the NCAA tournament with ASU for the first time in school history, that was something I’ll never forget. A few other ones would be my first NHL game right out of college in 2019 against the Buffalo Sabres, and my first NHL win against the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2021.

Q: What's your connection with TSR?
A: I have been coming to TSR for as long as I can remember. My family has always been close with Brendan and the entire TSR staff. Brendan has always been amazing to work with and has taken incredible care of me and anything I’ve needed. Adam in particular as well has been terrific with all of my goalie specific stuff and knows just how to help out whenever I need it! TSR is the best in the business, that’s for sure. I can’t thank them enough for all of their help throughout the years.

Q: Any advice for younger athletes or those who want to start playing hockey?
A: Just have fun! Hockey is a game, and it’s meant to be fun. Sometimes as a professional I can forget that, but when I’m reminded of it, it really helps me play my best. There’s so much to love about hockey and it’s the best game in the world for a reason. I’ve made my best friends through hockey and had so many amazing life experiences because of it. Dive in head first, play with no doubts and the game will reward you!